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Just as a kitchen is a gathering space, our pharmacy is a gathering space to get answers to all your questions as it relates to medication, supplementation, and alternative therapies. In this coming together, we are helping to build the communities we serve, and we take the role of being the caretaker of our community’s health very seriously. That means we are stocked with products that go well beyond prescription care to offer alternative approaches to supplementation needed for every age and stage of life.


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Raised on a farm in West Texas, Kristine Isaacson learned from a young age that hard work yields great rewards and you should never be afraid to get your hands a little dirty. The experience of helping plant, harvest, and sell produce from their garden every year taught Kristine the importance of fresh, natural ingredients in both food and medicine. Kristine built a foundation of knowledge early on in her career, earning a bachelor’s in microbiology and a doctorate in Pharmacy with additional years of experience in independent pharmacy consulting, geriatric care, pain, wound, and scar treatments. After many successful years in pharmacy consulting, Kristine and her husband, Dieter, teamed up to create an independent pharmacy inspired by her favorite place in her home-the kitchen. They are grateful and privileged to serve others and enjoy gathering in their kitchen to serve delicious food and fine wine while sharing laughter with family and friends. The origin of Kitch Pharmacy was formed out of this love of great moments and community that are created in the kitchen.

Kristine and Dieter are proud to introduce the first functional/integrative wellness pharmacy in West Texas-Kitch Pharmacy-where they will be serving wellness daily. Evolving from their passion for health, hope, and happiness, they have seen how an integrative approach to health delivers superior results. This approach means that the focus of their pharmacy is not on medications alone, but rather the balance of having alternative options as well. They are excited to bring this level of service and knowledge to the profession of pharmacy and have created a beautiful space where patients will always feel welcomed and treated like family. Each patient can expect ‘dishes’ that elevate their quality of life. The expert Kitch team will be cooking up recipes to improve hormone imbalances, diabetes, sleep, anxiety, weight, nutrition, and so much more. We are ready to whip up something special just for you.


Recipes often represent the passing from generation to generation of ‘secret ingredients’ and tricks of the trade. Whether it’s a special way to make sure your pie crust doesn’t stick to the pan, or being able to recognize when an egg white is whipped to perfection, it’s all done through the teachings of someone. Equally, we take pride in creating recipes to meet our patients where they are at in their health and wellness journey. We analyze ingredients so you don't have to. Our recipes make a difference because we take time to get to know the needs of each person we serve. No two patients are alike, so we work hard to identify what solutions will work for the individual needs of each patient. Our goal is to personalize each person’s experience to tailor-fit their needs. When our customers see and feel positive results, they are more inspired to take control of their health and wellness. In the same way the kitchen is a place where you start with raw ingredients to create flavorful dishes, we want to share our craft and understanding of how mixing raw ingredients can lead to incredible healing. Whether you require a medical consultation, mental health resources, or medication advice, we are here to help you manage your health hassle-free.

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