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Cognitive Health Solutions From Kitch Pharmacy

Kitch Pharmacy supports local patients with professional cognitive and mental health services in Lubbock, TX. We help our pharmacy customers improve their cognitive health with each visit to our pharmacy location. Whether you have trouble with your memory or focusing on daily tasks, our staff has proactive solutions to keep your mind healthy and strong.

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Cognitive Health Supplements 

Cognitive health supplements are an excellent solution to improve your brain health at any age. At Kitch, we provide Clarity Support, which promotes healthy brain function and improves memory, focus, attention to detail, and recall. This supplement is pharmaceutical grade, easy to swallow, comes in orange-flavored gel, and includes Galantamine, DHA, and vitamin D. 


Take back control of your cognitive health with the assistance of our pharmacy staff at Kitch Pharmacy.

Invest in Our Pharmacy Cognivue Assessment Services 

We also offer Cognivue Assessment services, screening for cognitive impairment before our patients’ conditions are irreversible. This device and assessment is the first to get FDA approval for cognitive impairment and targets memory, visuospatial, and executive function, helping patients better understand their cognitive health. In addition, our cognitive assessment services also check patients’ reaction time and speed processing, taking into account any factors that might be impairing brain function. 


Whether you are experiencing difficulties with your memory and day-to-day tasks or want to ensure that your brain is functioning at peak performance, we are happy to help you take the next steps to plan your Cognivue assessment today.

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