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We make transferring your prescriptions to Kitch Pharmacy simple!

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Book a time to get your COVID-19, Flu, & other seasonal vaccinations with us.

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Take control of your well-being and schedule an initial health consultation starting at just $49.99 with one of our expert staff members - either in person or over the phone. We will develop a personalized plan to optimize your quality of life and kickstart your wellness journey!

Serving up solutions to get the results of a lifetime

Welcome to Kitch Pharmacy!

Our 1st Annual Healthgate Event!

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The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of a home because it serves as the central place that brings people together. We love the idea that Kitch is short for kitchen. What better place to model our pharmacy than after a kitchen? Similarly, we want our pharmacy to allow people to come together and get the answers they need to achieve optimum health. From the moment you walk through our doors, you will be treated to delicious smells, a beautiful space, personalized consultations, customized functional medicine, and a vast selection of health, wellness, and beauty products to fill your appetite for living your best life. At Kitch, you can expect informative, innovative, inspiring solutions that make you feel good.


A happy kitchen makes for a happy home. We’ve incorporated a blend of pharmacy experiences with flavors of kitchen-inspired elements to purposefully change the perception of visiting a ‘traditional’ pharmacy. We are caring neighbors, dedicated to serving our community and driven to empower individuals to achieve success in their wellness journey. Kitch is committed to unlocking formulas that make a difference in the lives of our patients. Through rigorous research, innovative therapies, and supplemental solutions, we will continue to create outstanding recipes to achieve optimum health for every patient we serve.

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a store with shelves and shelves full of products


We believe our customers deserve the best care, both inside and out. Through our many years in pharmacy, we have witnessed the lifelong impact that supplemental care offers patients in providing both proactive and preventative outcomes. As trusted healthcare professionals, we specialize in researching and selecting products with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that offer alternative results for hope and healing. Your health and wellness are important to us. Just like a great meal, we want you to enjoy the fruits of our labor by treating yourself to some of the best products designed to elevate health, wellness, and beauty.

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Historically speaking, the kitchen is where everyone congregates. It doesn’t matter what the event; the kitchen draws people together like honey draws bears. Maybe it’s the aroma of good food cooking or the comfort of sitting around the kitchen table sharing stories-whatever the reason, people gather in the kitchen. It is our desire to create a pharmacy that does the same. Our goal is to create a space you will always feel at home in because we are passionate about serving hope and healing to each patient we interact with.

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